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In case you are starting to plan ahead for a good time, now that you can gather your friends and all play together in one place, I thought I’d answer the age old question, what happens at a Gamers Fun Truck party? From beginning to end, here’s how we try to make sure you have the best party experience.

The night before parties, we update all of the game consoles that require it. That doesn’t mean those wild and crazy video game companies won’t release updates again the next morning. Anyone who plays video games knows that can happen. But we watch for big updates that will take hours to complete, and we make sure those are done before a weekend of parties begins.

Our Crew (driver and assistance) will pick up the truck and trailer at least an hour before the first party of the day, to ensure they have lots of time to drive, park, stabilize, set up and get the party started on time. They will make sure they have all the updated consoles, games, cleaning supplies and phone. We schedule one hour between most parties, which is usually enough time to pack up, drive and set up for the next party. Unless they are driving from Okotoks to Auburn Bay! 

Once the crew arrives at the party location, they consult with the customer about the best parking location. They will suggest a spot they think is best based on space, angles and level ground. They will also do their best to accommodate the customer’s requests. Of course, it is always best if the guests can walk straight from the front door of the house into the trailer!

After the truck is parked, the driver will stabilize the trailer in the front and back so the kids don’t get dizzy from the bouncing. And the assistant will get the power and heat/air conditioning going inside the trailer, and start up the gaming consoles. They will pre-load the most popular games for the age group, or the games requested by the customer. When everything is ready to go, they will put on their masks and bring the guests out to the trailer and get the party started!

Although we are operating in basically a big, black box on wheels, it is usually quite comfortable inside. We have a propane heater which warms things up nicely in the winter, and air conditioning to cool things off in the summer. Our crew monitors the temperature in the trailer, and adjusts as things change. The number of guests, and the time of day can make a big difference in the temperature inside the trailer.

There is a long, comfortable, padded bench in the trailer positioned right in front of our 8 big screen TVs. Guests can choose online or offline games, XBox, Switch, PS 4 and WiiU consoles, and many multiplayer games. The crew will help them decide on games, change games for them, help them re-group for game changes, and even challenge them to a game! Their goal is to make sure everyone at the party has a great time, and gets to play at least one game of their choice. The guest of honour, of course, always gets first choice. With the extra TV’s in the trailer, we can have 2 guests playing VR at the same time, while other can watch or join in with regular controllers.

The fun continues for 2 hours! The kids usually yell excitedly at each other, jump up and down with excitement, laugh, and enjoy besting our Game Masters at their favourite games. Then, with a couple of time reminders, the crew will say goodbye to your guests, and watch that they exit the trailer safely and get to the front door of your home. Then the cleaning begins. Every controller is wiped with a disinfectant wipe, as is the bench, and door handles. Everything is tidied and reorganized. The trailer is double checked for items left behind. Stabilizers are removed and the crew is on their way to the next party! Pass the hand sanitizer, please!

If anything, like traffic, mechanical or technical issues, or weather, should cause a party to not run smoothly, or be delayed, you can rest assured that our crew will be doing all they can to rectify the situation, and give you two hours of happy gaming time. They really are the best Game Masters, and they want nothing more than to make each and every party the best party ever.

That’s what a Gamers Fun Truck party is like. We hope to see you once it is safe to party once again.