Calgary's Favorite Video Game Truck

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We started Gamers Fun Truck 3 years ago, because we have 3 boys and we thought they would love to have their birthday parties in a video game truck. They were, of course, our invaluable consultants when it came to designing and building the trucks. And they also have worked in the trucks from the beginning. We have all learned a lot along the way, but there is one thing that I didn’t realize about video games, that running this business has taught me. Video games are a great equalizer.

Letting kids play video games gets a bad rap these days. I think parents can all agree, there needs to be some limits, and physical activity should never be replaced with on-screen time. However, there is something about video games that make them, in one way, different than other activities. Everyone can play them. And everyone can play them together.

Gamers in Super Mario video game truck

Over the last three years, we’ve helped kids include their friend in a wheelchair in their party. We allowed kids with physical limitations have a birthday party that all their friends enjoyed. We’ve seen kids on the spectrum play along side their friends of every personality type and ability level. Shy kids play quietly sitting back, while in the same game an excited one jumps up and down and shouts at the screen. And they all have smiles on their faces.

We also see people of every background, age and gender play together. Video games equalize the differences. Adults play with teens and teens play with younger kids. Guests in the trucks switch games, meet and connect with new people, and they instantly have something in common with those new people…the game they all like to play. Players help each other learn new games, challenge each other on their favourite games, and laugh together while playing silly games. 

Imagine a birthday party at a gymnastics centre, bowling alley or swimming pool. Those are great parties, super fun, our kids have had them and been to them and they loved each one. But there are some kids who can’t participate. With a party in a video game truck like Gamers Fun Truck, everyone can play. Anyone can find a game they like, compete or cooperate in a virtual world, and anyone can win! It isn’t something we thought of 3 years ago when we started, but it is definitely one of the coolest parts of what we do.