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Is Gamers Fun Truck Clean and Safe?

  • Our crew uses disinfectant wipes and spray to clean all controllers, benches and other surfaces after each party. Hand sanitizer is available in the truck. We recommend guests wash their hands before and after playing in the truck. 
  • ​The trailer is stabilized in front and back for each party. It is equipped with a fire extinguisher and emergency exit door.

Where does the Gamers Fun Truck park?

  • Our expert drivers will try to park our Gamers Fun Truck video games truck in front of your location to maximize the gaming experience for all our guests. In some instances and locations we are unable to park directly in front and may need to be further away. Some locations that do not work well are: 
    • steep hills, rough terrain, some apartments and condo units, some office buildings, anywhere we can’t drive our Gamers Fun Truck video game trailer into due to length, width or height including parking structures. Other obstacles may include parking restrictions like no parking zones, or resident only parking areas. 
  • While we do our best to ensure the ultimate experience for all our guests we ask that our customers take appropriate steps to assist us in obtaining a good location to park our Gamers Fun Truck video game centre. (Consider nearby streets, parks or parking lots, with permission.)
  • We need to ensure the safety of our guests, customers and staff and we reserve the right to determine the final location for the parking of our Gamers Fun Truck video gaming trailer.

​What areas does Gamers Fun Truck serve? 

How many people can we fit inside?

  • The Gamers Fun Truck is designed to accommodate 16-18 guests seated comfortably and all playing at once. (Note: We are currently limiting parties to 12 guests to adhere to provincial safety guidelines.) There are 8 gaming stations, so depending on the age of the group, and the games they choose, we can handle a few more for sure, but it is our goal to make sure everyone plays, no waiting for a turn. For those parties/events that have larger groups we certainly have a plan for that! Generally, we rotate groups through based on size and time. Our Game Masters will choose the best quick turn around games, and facilitate moving guests in and out of the trailer to make sure everyone gets lots of chances to play.

How much does it cost?

What dates and times are available? How do I book Gamers Fun Truck?

  • The best way for you to find available dates and times for your party or event is to check out our online booking calendar.  Once you find an available date and time that works for you, you can book it and pay the deposit right there. At that point, you will get a confirmation email, and your party or event will be in our system. Then, all you have to do is send the invitations and order the pizza!

Will the weather affect my party?

  • Hopefully not! Gamers Fun Truck is fully insulated and heated for winter and air conditioned for summer. The video game fun can happen in almost any weather condition. However, it is a trailer and Calgary weather can be unpredictable. In extreme heat (above 30 degrees) or extreme cold (below minus 20 degrees), parties go on, fun is still had by all, even if not in the perfect temperature. The only issues that may arise are road conditions or traffic incidents. In extreme cases, when the Gamers Fun Truck cannot be safely driven to the party location, we will contact you, and work with you to reschedule your party. (This has never happened so far.)
  • (Note: We are currently limiting use of air conditioning, and opening doors and vents when possible to minimize virus exposure risk.)

Are there drinks or snacks available/allowed on-board?

  • No. We don’t allow food or drinks in the trailer to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the video gaming equipment. We want to ensure all consoles and controllers are clean and working perfectly for each and every party. We suggest arranging for food, cake and drinks to happen before or after your 2 hours in the Gamers Fun Truck, to maximize your gaming time.
  • We do allow guests to bring bottled water in the trailer. Water must be in a bottle with a lid. Cup holders are located on the back of the bench.

Are there any age restrictions?

  • Kids and adults of all ages enjoy video games! There are a select few games that appeal to kids younger than 6 years, and we will work with you to accommodate parties with younger children, with extra planning and supervision required. All video games have age ratings, and since we want Gamers Fun Truck parties to be fun for everyone, we ask that those ratings be considered when planning your party. If your guests want to play a game above their age range, we ask that all parents be informed before the party begins. If the Gamers Fun Truck Game Master feels anyone is uncomfortable with a game being played, they will suggest a switch. 

Do parents need to supervise the party?

  • Nope! Sit back, relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy the silence in your house. The Gamers Fun Truck Game Masters are fully trained and police checked, there are 2 for every party/event, so your kids are well supervised while in the truck. That being said, parents are certainly welcome to join in the fun! (space permitting)

How do I get my invitations and pizza discount?

  • Once you have booked your party/event and paid the deposit online, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link and password for invitations and pizza discount code.

Does the truck need to plug into the house?

  • Gamers Fun Truck is totally self contained, and does not need power from an outside source. We’ve got it covered! Gamers Fun Truck is so awesome, it has a back-up plan! We have battery backups on board in the case of power bumps. In the rare event we cannot use the generator we may seek to access your power. If for any reason the generator is unable to function properly, the truck can be plugged into electrical outlet, ensuring no interruption in play time. 
  • In order to play some on line based games such as Fortnite, it may be necessary for us to connect to your internet in order to provide the connection required for the game. While we do have cellular based internet onboard it *may* not be consistent enough or fast enough to support the some levels of gameplay. Our Game Masters may ask to connect and disconnect any of our equipment to facilitate playing these games. 

Can I talk to someone on the telephone?

  • We conduct all of our communication regarding booking through email. This allows us to ensure accurate, consistent information is shared regarding our services, and it also gives our customers something to refer back to about their requests, questions and booking info. Most importantly, it ensures we have written booking information and requests on record so we can make sure you get what you asked for! We answer emails regularly and in a timely manor. Contact us here anytime!

Can we play Fortnite!?

  • Fortnite is the game everyone likes to play! Fortnite is a challenge in a party situation as it is a single player game, and it requires a constant, stable connection to the internet while playing. But we want our guests to be able to play their favourite game so…
  • We have Fortnite in our video games truck, and we have cellular based internet, but since it may be difficult to have cellular based signals strong enough and stable enough, we may seek to established a connection to your internet at the party location. Fortnite will only be available if a stable connection can be established.
  • If we had Fortnite on all 8 of our gaming stations, that would still only allow 8 kids to play at one time, which would leave the rest of the kids not playing, and sitting there watching, waiting for a turn. Instead of that, our crew will set up one or two players on one or two stations playing Fortnite, while everyone else plays various multiplayer games on the other stations. Some the more popular multi player games include MarioKart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and sports game like NHL, Madden and Fifa. The crew will attempt to rotate as many kids as possible through the Fortnite station during the party. 
  • Because Fortnite can only be played online, connected to the Epic Games site, we are subject to irregular updates and other loading delays that are completely beyond our control. If a game update is required when we get to your party, your guests may not get to play Fortnite, as we are not able to update on location. Because game updates and site maintenance are controlled by Epic Games and not us, we cannot guarantee that Fortnite will be available to play.
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