Here is a new feature on our blog, one that has nothing to do with video games or birthday parties. 🙂

It seems like this would be a good time to showcase some local small businesses on the Gamers Fun Truck blog, because if we can help anyone push through these hard times and keep their business open to the other side, we’d like to do it! 

We are going to start with businesses we use, and expand from there. If you have a small business or know of a small business we should feature, send us an email

Yesterday, the weather was delightful, and it is again today. And that made me realize…our back yard is a disaster. This dude has had the space to himself back there all winter. Now that the snow has melted…not so good.

Our dog does not wish to clean it up himself, selfish little thing. And although I am not opposed to picking up after him, the initial spring clean up is overwhelming. Enter A1 Pooper Scoopin to the rescue. We used them last year, and they were great! Even our dog liked them. They have a number of pricing/service options, they are quick and responsive by email (which I love!) and payment options made the process easy.

To be honest, the last month has been very hard on our business, and we’ve been very careful with our money, not spending unless we need to. I considered not hiring A1 Pooper Scoopin this year, but the thought kept coming up, they are a small business, too. Their prices are reasonable and it is important for us to support other small businesses.

I contacted them this morning for this year, and they are coming tomorrow!

​Highly recommend!